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A few years ago Chris Sharma created a scholarship fund, which he named The Sharmafund, by donating half of his annual competition winnings to send financially underprivileged kids, ages 11 through 18, to Yo! Basecamp.

"I've received so much support for my pursuit of climbing," said Sharma. "I envisioned this fund as a way of doing something meaningful within the climbing community, as a way to give back."

Since 2003, The Sharmafund has been redirected to touch as many disadvantaged kids’ lives as possible. Through this program, Yo! Basecamp has been able to take many groups of underprivileged (mostly inner city) kids from the San Francisco Bay Area (from programs such as the SF-based non-profit Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation) on one-day rock climbing adventures. These trips have made a positive impact on many young people’s lives.

Now The Sharmafund has many contributors in addition to Sharma. Read below to find out more about these generous people.
Join an Inspiring Community    
All of us who have had the privilege of participating in outdoor sports such as rock climbing know its lasting positive effects. For many of us, our nature-based experiences have altered the course of our lives by shaping our identities, values, and priorities. Many young people today do not have this kind of powerful, constructive influence accessible to them because their families simply cannot afford it. By contributing to The Sharmafund, you can make it possible for many financially underprivileged young people to gain from these experiences, too.

Companies who have already made a generous contribution to The Sharmafund include: Prana, Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice Magazine, Petzl, BlueWater Ropes, Kristen Carpenter Public Relations, FiveTen, Mandala, and Maxim Climbing. Individuals include: Lisa Rands, Wills Young, Gerald Appelstein, John Preston, Margaret Boustead, and Scott Ghiz. With their contribution, these companies and individuals are making the effort to share their love for rock climbing with others who are not as fortunate. Please consider joining this inspiring community. The Sharmafund has non-profit status through our fiscal sponsor agency Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), and all donations are tax-deductible.
Making a Contribution or Learning More about Program Recipients    
If you are interested in donating to The Sharmafund please check out www.sharmafund.com for more information, or email us at sharmafund@yobasecamp.com.

If you are involved with an organization that works with underprivileged kids, please call or e-mail us to find out more about this program.

Applying for Financial Aid to Attend a Yo! Basecamp Course
If you feel that you qualify for financial aid to attend a Yo! Basecamp course, please contact us to request a financial aid packet. Either call (831) 673-5918 or e-mail climb@yobasecamp.com. The application involves essay questions, a financial questionnaire (including tax return), and a letter of recommendation from an unrelated adult. Partial scholarships are awarded in late spring (again, details in the application).

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