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What age do I have to be to participate? All summer camps are for people ages 11 through 18. Group and privately guided trips are for ages 11 and up. Age exceptions can be made for parent-and-child trips.

What’s your participant-to-staff ratio? It never exceeds 4:1. Often it is 3:1.

How large is your group? The number of participants never exceeds 20; however, the average is 15.

What is the boy-to-girl ratio? Usually it’s three boys to every one girl, though sometimes it is two boys to one girl. There is always a female instructor.

You say you provide transportation. Where to/from? For our climbing camps, the pick-up/drop-off spots are San Francisco's Mission Cliffs Climbing Gym and the San Jose REI. We also make an airport/hotel stop at the San Jose International Airport and the Wyndham Garden San Jose Airpot in San Jose. Details are provided in your Welcome Packet. For customized trips, all transportation is specific to your trip.

May I come with a friend? Most campers come knowing no one and leave with many friends. Friends are welcome, too!

Is this a competitive camp? NO WAY! We constantly downplay competition. We emphasize fun and challenge, and in no way do participants feel pressure to outperform each other. All members of the group find that they are always encouraging others and being encouraged by others. Our instructors also pride themselves on their ability to be extremely supportive, helping participant push themselves while having fun.

Do I need previous experience? Our High Sierra Climbing Camps are appropriate for beginners and those who are new to outdoor climbing (with a climbing gym background). However, we do recommend that you go at least once to an indoor climbing gym (or outdoors, if you're lucky), so you know that you have a genuine interest in rock climbing before coming to this specialized camp. We also ask that you have a desire to learn and a willingness to try. For the East Side Mega-Crankin' Bouldering Camp, we require that you have some previous indoor or outdoor bouldering experience at the very least, and that you are motivated enough to boulder for many hours a day, several days in a row.

I have a lot of climbing experience. Is that OK? Although our group climbs together, we accommodate ALL levels through 5.13 and V14. The climbing and bouldering at all the areas we go to is world-class and unbeatable. Please see the course descriptions for the technical skills taught.

I have a lot of bouldering experience. Will I be challenged? The bouldering areas we go to are challenging and technical, regardless of your ability. The countless problems range from moderate to Sharma-stumpers (in other words, done only by a handful of people in the world).

Where do your summer camps take place? Our High Sierra Climbing Camps and East Side Mega-Crankin' Bouldering Camp take place at a number of different climbing and bouldering areas on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Mammoth Lakes, California.

How much gear do I need? We supply all technical gear for all camps; however, YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN CLIMBING SHOES TO ALL CLIMBING AND BOULDERING CAMPS. For High Sierra Climbing Camps, we provide a helmet, harness, belay device, and crash pads. For the East Side Mega-Crankin' Bouldering Camp, we provide a helmet and crash pads. If you have your own helmet and/or harness, you may bring these and use them after our inspection. Your Welcome Packet includes a detailed packing list.

How much camping gear do I need? We provide spacious tents. You need to bring a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a pillow, clothing, toiletries, etc. The Welcome Packet has a detailed packing list.

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